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April, 2006

April 3

Signs Your Mom Is Actually Your Dad

April 4

Marijuana-Laced Food Products

April 5

Signs You've Joined a Cheap HMO (re-run)

April 6

Evangelical Christian Wrestlers (Part I)

April 7

Evangelical Christian Wrestlers (Part II)

April 10

Celebrity Cell Phone Scandals

April 11

Rejected Children's Books About Death (Part I)

April 12

Rejected Children's Books About Death (Part II)

April 13

Signs Your Realtor Is Crazy (re-run)

April 17

Signs You Aren't Cutting It as Mr. Mom

April 18

Updated Peanuts Specials (re-run)

April 19

Verses in the Gospel According to TopFive

April 20

Hazardous Disney Attractions

April 21

Lines From Pirated DVDs (Part I)

April 24

Lines From Pirated DVDs (Part II)

April 25

Changes Under a Wal-Mart-Run Health Care System

April 26

Jewish Country & Western Songs (re-run)

April 27

Songs on the "Snakes on a Plane" Soundtrack

April 28

Realistic Prom Themes

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