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April, 2004

April 1

Amazing-but-True Facts!

April 4

Johnnie Cochran Epitaphs

April 5

Signs You've Gone to the Wrong Tattoo Parlor (re-run)

April 6

Band Sequels (Part I)

April 7

Band Sequels (Part II)

April 8

Signs Your Fast Food Order Has Been Outsourced

April 11

Things Blocking You From Becoming the Next Pope

April 12

Differences if the Olympics Were Held at Disneyland (re-run)

April 13

Bad Directives to Put in Your Living Will

April 14

Rejected International Sports Team Names (re-run)

April 15

Small Ways to Get Even

April 18

Excuses for Licking Someone's Head

April 19

Signs You're About to Be Fired (re-run)

April 20

Names for the Mall Prostitution Store (R-rated)

April 21

Names for the Mall Prostitution Store (X-rated)

April 22

Worst Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 25

Things Overheard at a Wal-Mart Wedding

April 26

Good Things About Going to Hell, Part I (re-run)

April 26

Good Things About Going to Hell, Part II (re-run)

April 27

Reasons to Replace the Leader of a Nation

April 28

Excuses Used for Getting Out of a Speeding Ticket(re-run)

April 29

Signs You Are Worshipping GodZILLA, Not God

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