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April, 2004

April 1

The Top 25 Whatever

April 2

Features of a Car Designed for Women

April 5

George W. Bush Campaign Slogans We'd Like to See

April 6

John Kerry Campaign Slogans We'd Like to See

April 7

No list published

April 8

Signs a School Lunch Has Been Spiked

April 9

Signs an Airline No Longer Gives a Crap

April 12

Movies About Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Halftime Show

April 13

Phrases Trademarked by Celebrities

April 14

Personal Ads Placed by Animals

April 15

Rediscovered Episodes of Classic TV Shows

April 16

Scenes in The Passion of the Scientologists

April 19

Books Written for Children of Liberals

April 20

Books Written for Children of Conservatives

April 21

Cereals for Substance Abusers

April 22

Rejected Commandments (Part I)

April 23

Rejected Commandments (Part II)

April 26

Least Cool Ways to Die

April 27

Signs You're a Slut

April 28

Things One Might Hear on NRA Radio

April 29

Celebrity Contributions to Humanity

April 30

Manufactured Controversies

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