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April, 2002

April 1

Things Overheard While Top5 List Contributors are Having Sex

April 2

Songs on John Ashcroft's Greatest Hits CD

April 3

Brooklyn Weight-Loss Slogans

April 4

Signs Your Community Theatre Production Isn't Going Well

April 5

Celebrity Sandwiches

April 8

Turn-Ons/Turn-Offs of Enron Women

April 9

Signs the Cast of Friends Is Getting Burned Out

April 10

Pirate Pick-Up Lines

April 11

"SlamBall" Rules

April 12

Signs Your Pet Is Losing Its Mind (Part I)

April 15

Signs Your Pet Is Losing Its Mind (Part II)

April 16

Signs a Politician Might Be Crooked

April 17

Porno Sitcom Titles (X-rated version)

April 17

Porno Sitcom Titles (R-rated version)

April 18

Bad Things About Dating a Monkey

April 19

Other Names for Yugoslavia

April 22

Things on Robert Blake's To-Do List

April 23

Things Overheard at Ozzy Osbourne's White House Dinner

April 24

Rejected Lines from Fairy Tales (Part I)

April 25

Rejected Lines from Fairy Tales (Part II)

April 26

Things That Come with the Osama bin Laden Doll

April 29

Signs It's Time for a Pro Athlete to Retire

April 30

Snippets of Dialog from Saddam Hussein's Romantic Play

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