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April, 2001

April 2

Rejected Album Titles

April 3

No new list today.

April 4

Signs Ken Has Reached Middle Age

April 5

Signs Your Cat Has "Mad Cat Disease"

April 6

Least Popular Broadway Musicals

April 9

Favorite Celebrity Dishes

April 10

Signs You've Lived With a Mathematician Too Long

April 11

Signs the President is Not Ecology-Minded

April 12

Advertising Catch Phrases That Didn't Catch On

April 13

Signs the President *is* Ecology-Minded

April 16

Worst Things to Say at Your Trial

April 17

Signs a Rapper Has Gone Nuts

April 18

Questions You'd Rather Not Be Asked

April 19

Schwarzenegger-for-Governor Campaign Slogans

April 20

Signs Your Neighbor is a Playboy Playmate

April 23

Layoff Greeting Cards

April 24

Talking Cigarette Pack Quotes

April 25

Greatest Stoner Inventions

April 26

Personals Ads in the New York Times

April 27

Marketing Slogans for a Maternity Thong

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