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March, 1999

March 1

Least Scary Stephen King Novels

March 2

Rejected Plot Lines on E.R.

March 3

Revelations in Barbara Walters' Interview with Monica Lewinsky

March 4

Least Popular Video Games

March 5

Suprising Nostradamus Predictions for the Year 2000

March 8

Features of the Pentium III Chip

March 9

Special Powers of the Young Darth Vader

March 10

Ways Barbie Celebrated her 40th Birthday

March 11

Least Popular Names for Street Gangs

March 12

Pat Buchanan Campaign Promises

March 15

Drawbacks of a Long-Distance Relationship

March 16

Good Things About a Cold Winter ( *Re-Run* )

March 17

Episodes of a TV Sitcom Starring Bill Gates

March 18

Euphemisms for Masturbation ( *Re-Run* )

March 19

Slogans That Never Quite Caught On ( *Re-Run* )

March 22

Signs Your Roommate Is A Cannibal

March 23

Rejected Cookbook Titles

March 24

Alternative Names for Crayola's "Indian Red" Crayon

March 25

Signs the Year of the Rabbit Has Begun

March 26

Signs You weren't Cut Out to be a Hollywood Stunt Person

March 29

Signs China Has Stolen US Technology

March 30

Differences in the Middle Ages if Microsoft Had Existed Then

March 31

Signs You've Hired The Wrong Magician (Part I)

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