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March, 2007

March 1

Really Dumb Patents

March 2

Closing Statements in a Clown Killer Trial

March 5

Clown Mafia Nicknames

March 6

Signs You're Fighting Alongside Royalty

March 7

Things You Don't Want to Hear on a First Date (re-run)

March 8

Historical Changes Made Possible by Scientology

March 9

Benefits to Having More Daylight

March 12

Worst Names for Strip Clubs (Part I)

March 13

Worst Names for Strip Clubs (Part II)

March 14

Rodeo Pick-Up Lines (re-run)

March 15

Signs We're Losing the War on Drugs

March 16

St. Patrick's Day Pick-Up Lines

March 19

Things Overheard During March Madness

March 20

Signs a Bartender's Gone Crazy

March 20

Signs a Game Show Host Is Nuts (re-run)

March 22

Signs You're a Victim of Identity Theft

March 23

Terrorist Acts to Which Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Has Admitted

March 26

Beatles Songs If They'd Been Recorded for Starbucks

March 27

Signs You're a Lousy Pickup Artist

March 28

Signs Spring Break Has Arrived (re-run)

March 29

Rejected Names for Bottled Water (Part I)

March 30

Rejected Names for Bottled Water (Part II)

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