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March, 2004

March 1

Titles for the Movie Twister (re-run)

March 2

Signs You've Got the Bird Flu

March 3

Signs Your Company Is Planning a Layoff (re-run)

March 4

Songs Played in the Michael Jackson Trial's Jury Room

March 7

Things on Bill Gates the Knight's To-Do List

March 8

Signs Your Cat May Be Planning to Kill You (re-run)

March 9

Signs Your City's Not So Bright

March 10

Signs Your Inner Child Is Unhappy (re-run)

March 11

Monkey Celebrities

March 14

Surprises at a Nudist Restaurant

March 15

Indications Your Family May Be Dysfunctional (re-run)

March 16

Signs You're in a Bad Hospital

March 17

Rejected Barnum & Bailey Circus Acts (re-run)

March 18

Things on Robert Blake's To-Do List

March 21

Cruise Lines Euphemisms for Viral Outbreaks

March 22

Least Impressive Mafia Nicknames (re-run)

March 23

Signs You Have March Madness

March 24

Rejected Children's Books (re-run)

March 25

Signs Someone You Know Is on Steroids (Part I)

March 28

Signs Someone You Know Is on Steroids (Part II)

March 29

Signs You're Not at the Real Olympics (re-run)

March 30

Special Moments During the 2005 Baseball Season

March 31

Rejected Crayon Colors (re-run)

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