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March, 2004

March 1

Surprises at the Oscars

March 2

Things Overheard at Post-Oscar Parties

March 3

Headlines in Animal Newspapers (Part I)

March 4

Headlines in Animal Newspapers (Part II)

March 5

Signs It's Been a VERY Cold Winter

March 8

Things on Martha Stewart's To-Do List

March 9

Indications That Military Intelligence May Be Suspect

March 10

Signs the Groom Is Dead

March 11

Selected Passages From the 20th Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering

March 12

Johnnie Cochran Arguments in the Penis-Enlargement Trial (R-rated)

March 12

Johnnie Cochran Arguments in the Penis-Enlargement Trial (X-rated)

March 15

Warnings on Condom Packages (Part I)

March 16

Warnings on Condom Packages (Part II)

March 17

Signs You're NOT the Funniest Person in America

March 18

Things Overheard on St. Patrick's Day

March 19

Signs You Live in the World's Dumbest Town

March 22

Ways We Stick It to The Man

March 23

Signs Hollywood Is Recycling Ideas

March 24

Signs Spring Break Has Hit Your Town

March 25

Indications an Athlete Is Using Steroids (Part I)

March 26

Indications an Athlete Is Using Steroids (Part II)

March 29

Ways NOT to Impress Your Significant Other's Friends

March 30

Songs by the Rolling Bones

March 31

Things Overheard While Top5 List Contributors are Having Sex

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