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March, 2003

March 3

Rejected Department of Homeland Security Slogans

March 4

Signs You're Living in a Sitcom

March 5

Signs Your Travel Agent Has Misled You

March 6

Least-Popular Circus Sideshow Attractions

March 7

Signs Your House May Be Haunted

March 9

Spam Subject Lines We'd Like to See

March 10

Spam Subject Lines We'll See in the Future

March 11

Pet Peeves of Newborns

March 12

Titles for Madonna's Children's Books

March 13

Rhymes in the Dubya/Saddam Debate Rap-Off

March 14

Metric System Conversion Hints for Americans

March 17

Things Overheard at Playboy's "Women of Starbucks" Photo Shoot

March 18

No list today.

March 19

Euphemisms for Losing Your Virginity (R-rated)

March 19

Euphemisms for Losing Your Virginity (X-rated)

March 20

Signs Reality TV Has Jumped the Shark

March 21

Things Said by Celebrities During Sex

March 24

Names for Hip-Hop Drinks

March 25

Signs You're at a Dog Brothel

March 26

Signs Your SUV Is Too Damn Big (Part I)

March 27

Signs Your SUV Is Too Damn Big (Part II)

March 28

Little-Known Ways Beer Has Shaped History

March 31

Signs Your Grandparents Are Swingers

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