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March, 2002

March 1

Complaints of Boy-Band Astronauts

March 4

TRULY Surprising Celebrity Revelations

March 5

Features of the Britney Spears Video Game

March 6

Reinvented Words (Part I)

March 7

Reinvented Words (Part II)

March 8

Current Events Limericks

March 11

Features of a Windows Car

March 12

Signs Your Parents Are Hippies

March 13

Pick-Up Lines Used by God (Part I)

March 14

Pick-Up Lines Used by God (Part II)

March 15

Worst People to Start a Relationship With

March 18

Heaven's Band Member Complaints (Part I)

March 19

Heaven's Band Member Complaints (Part II)

March 20

Terrorism Alert Levels

March 21

Celebrity Boxing Matches We'd Love to See

March 22

Signs You're Unfit to Be a Grandparent

March 25

Surprising Academy Awards Handed Out on Sunday

March 26

Tipper Gore Campaign Slogans

March 27

New Euphemisms for Passing Gas

March 28

Activities On-Board the Wal-Mart Dream Cruise

March 29

Appropriate Deaths for TV Characters

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