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March, 2001

March 1

Signs You Won't Be Selected for the Astronaut Program

March 2

Signs Your Co-Worker is Dead

March 5

Euphemisms for Corporate Layoffs

March 6

Signs Your Pet Can Read Your Mind

March 7

Answers from the Magic 8-Ball

March 8

Signs Your Soft Drink Contains Viagra

March 9

Signs You're Being Stalked By an Elvis Impersonator

March 12

Signs Your Life Truly Sucks

March 13 Happy Hour Rules

March 14

Signs Your Coworker is a Spy

March 15

Famous Quotes Featuring the Word "Underpants"

March 16

Things Overheard on an Anthony Hopkins/Martha Stewart Date

March 19

Unforeseen Effects of a Hollywood Writers' Strike

March 20

Provisions in Michael Jackson's "Children's Bill of Rights"

March 21

Signs Your Penis is a Finger    (Hot & Spicy version)

March 21

Signs Your Penis is a Finger    (Mild version)

March 22

Signs Your Band Will Never Hit the Big Time

March 23

Signs You're Taking Your Breakup Too Hard

March 26

Oscar Acceptance Speeches We'd Like to Hear

March 27

Real Statistics That We Made Up

March 28

Signs Your Office is Haunted

March 29

Rejected Cocktail Names

March 30

Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Stock Broker

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