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March, 2000

March 1

Signs You *Haven't* Married a Millionaire (Part II)

March 2

Excuses for Not Releasing an Album for 20 Years

March 3

Rodeo Pick-Up Lines

March 6

Courses Offered at Bob Jones University

March 7

Good Things About Having a Navel

March 8

Signs Your Significant Other is Addicted to Internet Porn

March 9

Signs Your Cat is Getting Old

March 10

Signs a Game Show Host is Nuts

March 13

Reasons You Won't Be Asked to Run for Vice President

March 14

Signs You're at an AOL Theme Park

March 15

Indications Your Spouse is Turned On by Politics

March 16

Rejected TV Shows for Kids

March 17

Signs the Antichrist is a Vegetarian

March 20

Signs Your Co-worker is Not a Team Player

March 21

Signs Your College Professor is Losing It

March 22

Least Popular Street Magician Tricks

March 23

Signs Spring Break Has Arrived

March 24

Changes in the New German Muppets

March 27

Surprises at This Year's Academy Awards Show

March 28

Rejected Slogans for Beer

March 29

No list today.

March 30

Indications Canada is in Bad Shape

March 31

Problems with Homeschooling

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