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February, 1999

February 1

Signs You've Joined a Cheap HMO

February 2

Surprises in Victoria's Secret's New Spring Line

February 3

Miracles Not Mentioned in the Bible

February 4

Jerry Hall Divorce Demands for Mick Jagger

February 5

MORE Foreign Translations of English Movie Titles

February 8

Signs Your Realtor is Crazy

February 9

Surprise Oscar Nominations

February 10

Signs You're Not at the Real Senate Impeachment Hearings

February 11

Things That WON'T Be Overheard At The Daytona 500

February 12

Reasons Jerry Falwell Thinks Your Favorite TV Character is Gay

February 15

Mafia Valentine's Day Greetings

February 16

Least Popular Candy Heart Sayings

February 17

Words That Sound Dirty but Aren't

February 18

Pet Peeves Of Morticians ( *Re-Run* )

February 19

Least Popular Gifts in the Animal Kingdom

February 22

Dan Quayle Campaign Promises

February 23

Updated Peanuts Specials

February 24

Jewish Country & Western Songs

February 25

Signs You're Going To Spend The Rest
Of Your Life Single (Part I)

February 26

Signs You're Going To Spend The Rest
Of Your Life Single (Part II)

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