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February, 2008

February 1

Dark Moments in Super Bowl History

February 3

Amazing-But-True Super Bowl Facts

February 4

Songs Found on the Taser/MP3 Player (Part I)

February 5

Songs Found on the Taser/MP3 Player (Part II)

February 6

no list -- server down

February 7

no list -- server down

February 8

Ways Candidates Can Attract the Youth Vote

February 9

Signs the Apocalypse Is Nigh

February 11

Scientologist Bumper Stickers

February 12

Movies at the Baghdad Film Festival

February 13-14

BadCupid's Valentine Card Limericks

February 15

Pet Peeves of Cupid

February 18

no list -- holiday

February 19

Celebrity Epitaphs

February 20

Things We Really Don't Want to Know (Part I)

February 21

Things We Really Don't Want to Know (Part II)

February 25

"Girls Gone Wild" Competitors

February 26

"Girls Gone Wild" Competitors (X-Rated)

February 27

Surprise Revelations From the CIA Videotape Investigation

February 28

Titles for the Upcoming Oliver Stone Movie About George W. Bush

February 29

Celebrity Rapper Names

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