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February, 2007

February 1

Differences Under President *Hillary* Clinton

February 2

Signs You're at a Lame Super Bowl Party

February 5

Names for the Day-After-the-Super-Bowl Holiday

February 6

Signs Someone Has a Super Bowl Hangover

February 7

Phrases That Sound Like "Livin' La Vida Loca" (re-run)

February 8

Signs a Cartoon Character Is a Terrorist (Part I)

February 9

Signs a Cartoon Character Is a Terrorist (Part II)

February 12

Signs an Astronaut Has Gone Nuts

February 13

Things Overheard on Valentine's Day

February 14

White House Valentine Cards

February 15

Signs Cupid Has Lousy Aim (re-run)

February 16

Movie Re-Makes Starring Britney Spears (Part I)

February 20

Movie Re-Makes Starring Britney Spears (Part II)

February 20

X-Rated Movie Re-Makes Starring Britney Spears

February 21

Worst Excuses for Being Late for Work (re-run)

February 22

Reasons Tim Hardaway Hates Gay People

February 23

Things Overheard on the JetBlue Plane Delayed 10 Hours

February 26

Things Seen at Hollywood Oscar Parties

February 27

Things No Longer Taught in Kansas Science Classes

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