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February, 2006

February 1

Signs You've Joined the Wrong Martial Arts School

February 2

Reasons Your TV Show Was Cancelled

February 3

Super Bowl Ads We'd Like to See

February 6

Things Heard During the Super Bowl That Sounded Dirty, But Weren't

February 7

Surprises During This Year's Super Bowl

February 8

Differences If Olympic Athletes Were Clowns

February 9

iBoob Songs (Part I)

February 10

iBoob Songs (Part II)

February 13

Valentine's Day Breakup Haikus

February 14

Amazing-but-True Valentine's Day Facts

February 15

Signs Olympic Security Was Too Tight (re-run)

February 16

Signs the Bush Administration Wants to Kill You

February 17

Signs James Bond Is Losing His Masculinity

February 20

Presidents' Day holiday -- no list today

February 21

Other Famous Cartoon Controversies

February 22

Signs You're Not Cut Out to Be a Figure Skater (re-run)

February 23

Dick Cheney Huntin' Songs (Part I)

February 24

Dick Cheney Huntin' Songs (Part II)

February 27

Signs You've Screwed Up and Lost the Olympic Gold Medal

February 28

Least-Likely Phrases in Marital Expectations Contracts

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