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February, 2004

February 2

Euphemisms for "Friend With Benefits"

February 4

Things to Watch for on Super Bowl Sunday

February 7

Things the Super Bowl MVP Is Going to Do Now (Part I)

February 8

Things the Super Bowl MVP Is Going to Do Now (Part II)

February 9

Things in Common Between Disney World and the Playboy Mansion

February 11

Valentine's Day Romance Tips

February 14

Candy Heart Sayings We'd Like to See

February 15

Excuses for Getting Out of a Speeding Ticket (re-run)

February 16

Mary Kay LeTourneau Wedding-Planning Tips

February 17

Songs on the Benedictine Monks' Best-Selling CD (re-run)

February 18

Signs You Got a Bad Dog Show Judge (Part I)

February 21

Signs You Got a Bad Dog Show Judge (Part II)

February 22

Signs Your Co-Workers Don't Like You (re-run)

February 23

Entries in Paris Hilton's Address Book

February 24

Signs Ronald McDonald Is Growing Up (re-run)

February 25

Other Famous Dumb Paintings

February 28

Surprises During Last Night's Academy Awards

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