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February, 2004

February 2

"Sorry Your Team Lost the Super Bowl" Greeting Cards

February 3

Surprises in the Super Bowl Halftime Show

February 4

Things Overheard During the Lingerie Bowl

February 5

Most Realistic Video Games for Teenagers

February 6

Items on Janet Jackson's To-Do List

February 9

Signs You're the Unluckiest Person on Earth

February 10

Signs a Cartoon Character Is Getting Old

February 11

Signs Your Pet Has Been Doing Drugs

February 12

Things Overheard at an Animal Hotel (Part I)

February 13

Things Overheard at an Animal Hotel (Part II)

February 16

Holiday -- no list today

February 17

Predictions for 2004 (Part I)

February 18

Predictions for 2004 (Part II)

February 19

Rhymes in the Al-Qaeda Rap Song

February 20

Things Celebrities Are Giving Up for Lent

February 23

Lessons We've Learned in 10 Years of Doing This

February 24

List Submissions Found Behind the TopFive Refrigerator

February 25

Things Overheard at TopFive's 10th Anniversary Party

February 26

Reasons We Love Disco

February 27

Signs Your Sergeant Is a Commie

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