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February, 2002

February 1

Excuses for Premature Ejaculation

February 4

Things NOT Overheard at the Super Bowl

February 5

Least Talked-About Events in David Letterman's Twenty Years of Hosting Late-Night Television

February 6

Other Signs Your Local Police Department Has Gone Nuts

February 7

Signs Someone's Date for the High School Dance is a Playboy Playmate

February 8

Excerpts from Bad Fantasy Novels

February 11

Game Shows Before the Invention of Television

February 12

Signs You're Not Cut Out to Be in Customer Service

February 13

Events in the Taliban Olympics

February 14

Valentines from Enron Executives

February 15

Celebrity Top Gun Fighter Pilot Names

February 19

Selections of the Mike Tyson Book Club

February 20

Signs You Hired the Wrong Funeral Director (Part I)

February 21

Signs You Hired the Wrong Funeral Director (Part II)

February 22

Differences if Olympic Athletes Were Clowns

February 25

Signs Olympic Security Was Too Tight

February 26

Signs an Action Movie Hero is Over the Hill (Part I)

February 27

Signs an Action Movie Hero is Over the Hill (Part II)

February 28

Slogans for 48-Proof Beer

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