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February, 2001

February 1

Celebrity Week -- guest moderator Joey Molland
Things on Al Gore's To-Do List

February 1

TopFive's version of that list
Things on Al Gore's To-Do List

February 2

Celebrity Week -- guest moderator Scott Adams
Comic Strip Character Pet Peeves

February 4

X-Rated Star Wars Movie Lines Rejected by Censors

February 5

Songs Performed by the DEA Choir

February 6

  ays To Annoy
the George   . Bush Administration

February 7

Animal Dreams

February 8

Least-Known Psychological Afflictions

February 9

Changes to the White House Website

February 12

Signs You're Not Cut Out to Be a Jedi

February 13

Slogans for National Condom Week (mild version)

February 13

Slogans for National Condom Week (hot & spicy version)

February 14

Political Valentine's Day Cards

February 15

Hidden Meanings in Commercial Slogans

February 16

New U.S. Army Weapons for 2001

February 19

Holiday -- no list today!

February 20

Good Things About the Failing of Dot-Com Companies

February 21

Signs Your Neighbor is Using Too Much Electricity

February 22

Side Effects of the New Orgasm Implant

February 23

Differences if Celebrities Were Contestants on "Survivor"

February 26

Secret Service Pet Peeves

February 27

Least-Quoted Lines from Shakespeare (Part I)

February 28

Least-Quoted Lines from Shakespeare (Part II)

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