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February, 2000

February 1

Signs Someone's Breaking Mississippi's Boner Law

February 2

Signs You're Watching a Bad Documentary

February 3

Phrases That Sound Like "Livin' La Vida Loca"

February 4

Signs It's Way Too Cold Outside

February 7

Rejected Campbell's Soup Varieties

February 8

Rejected Sportscaster Phrases

February 9

Rejected Titles for the Next "Harry Potter" Book (Part I)

February 10

Rejected Titles for the Next "Harry Potter" Book (Part II)

February 11

Signs Your Website Was Hacked by Dumb Guys

February 14

Signs That Cupid Has Lousy Aim

February 15

Worst Excuses for Being Late for Work

February 16

Surprises in Last Night's Republican Primary Debate

February 17

Movies Starring William Shatner's Toupee

February 18

Differences in the WWF's New Football League

February 21

No list -- President's Day holiday

February 22

Bugs in Windows 2000

February 23

Other Ways Philip Morris is "Working to Make a Difference"

February 24

Things Overheard at Last Night's Grammy Awards

February 25

Things You Don't Want to Hear on a First Date

February 28

Least Popular Microbrews

February 28

X-Rated Microbrews

February 29

Signs That You *Haven't* Married a Millionaire (Part I)

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