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January, 1999

January 4

Ways to Prepare for the Millennium Bug

January 5

Overlooked Movies of 1998

January 6

Surprises Regarding the Euro

January 7

Signs Your Radio Doctor Flunked Medical School

January 8

Signs You're Dating a Psychology Major

January 11

Signs You've Gotten a Bad Hotel Room

January 12

Signs Your City Used Bribes to Become an Olympic Site

January 13

Signs Your Significant Other is an Agent Of Satan (Part I)

January 14

Signs Your Significant Other is an Agent Of Satan (Part II)

January 19

Rejected State of the Union Speech Opening Lines

January 20

Items on Michael Jordan's To-Do List

January 21

Republican Euphemisms for Impeaching the President

January 22

Worst Jobs in America

January 25

Predictions for the Shortened NBA Season

January 26

Super Powers Most Coveted by Dogs

January 27

Items at the Vatican Garage Sale

January 28

Ways to Liven Up the Super Bowl (Part I)

January 29

Ways to Liven Up the Super Bowl (Part II)

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