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January, 2007

January 1 - 15

on hiatus

January 16

Downsides to Owning Your Own Small Country

January 17

Companies Selling Cloned Food

January 18

Differences in a Communist Wal-Mart

January 19

Justin Timberlake Movies We'd Like to See

January 22

Barack Obama Campaign Slogans

January 22

Signs Your Candidate's Platform Was Created by Crazy People (re-run)

January 24

sorry, no list today

January 25

Signs a Humor List Is Now a Teenager (Part I)

January 26

Signs a Humor List Is Now a Teenager (Part II)

January 29

Miracles Performed by Tom Cruise

January 30

Oscar Nominations We'd Like to See

January 31

Signs Someone's Breaking Mississippi's Boner Law (re-run)

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