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January, 2004

January 1-11

winter break -- no lists

January 12

Things Overheard on Britney Spears' Honeymoon

January 13

Quotes We Wish Were in the Lord of the Rings Movies

January 14

George W. Bush Space Proposals

January 15

Law Firms to Avoid (Part I)

January 16

Law Firms to Avoid (Part II)

January 19

holiday -- no list today

January 20

Other Pete Rose Confessions

January 21

Ways to Celebrate the Year of the Monkey

January 22

Signs Your Pet Is a Reincarnated Celebrity

January 23

Interesting Movie Triple Features

January 26

Signs a Stuntperson Is Over the Hill

January 27

Dishes Containing Condoms (R-rated)

January 27

Dishes Containing Condoms (X-rated)

January 28

Indications You May Have the Bird Flu

January 29

Misguided Sequels (Part I)

January 30

Misguided Sequels (Part II)

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