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January, 2003

January 1-12

on hiatus

January 13

Slogans for Hooters Air

January 14

Signs the Internet Is No Longer a Teenager

January 15

Things on Rael's To-Do List

January 16

Favorite Country-Western Songs of Geeks (Part I)

January 17

Favorite Country-Western Songs of Geeks (Part II)

January 20

Things We Have vs. Things We Wish We Had

January 21

Things We Wish We Had vs. Things We Have

January 22

Questionable Product/Song Advertising Pairings (Part I)

January 23

Questionable Product/Song Advertising Pairings (Part II)

January 24

Names for a Michael Jackson Reality-TV Show

January 27

Differences If the Super Bowl Featured Real Pirates

January 28

Signs Your Teacher Is a Drug Dealer

January 29

Least-Known Benefits of Masturbation

January 30

Signs You're Reading a Stephen King Children's Book

January 31

Excuses for 2003

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