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January, 2001

January 1-14

On hiatus!

January 15

Celebrity New Year's Resolutions

January 16

Signs Your Child Wasn't Cut Out for College

January 17

Corporate Rules for Employees of Hell, Inc.

January 18

Tenets of Idiot Physics

January 19

Surprises in President Clinton's Farewell Speech

January 22

Signs Your Sexual Fetish is Out of Control

January 23

Side Effects in Genetically Engineered Monkeys

January 24

Signs Your Robbery Isn't Going Well

January 25

Signs You're NOT on Temptation Island

January 26

Terrorist Pet Peeves

January 29

Celebrity Week -- guest moderator Ed Begley, Jr.
Signs Your Neighbor Doesn't Care About the Environment

January 30

Celebrity Week -- guest moderator Pat Sajak
Signs I've Been Hosting Wheel of Fortune Too Long

January 31

Celebrity Week -- guest moderator Mark Cuban
Cool Things About Owning an NBA Team

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