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January, 2000

January 1-9

On vacation -- no lists

January 10

New Year's Resolutions of Top5 Contributors

January 11

John Rocker Pet Peeves

January 12

Things on a Y2K Survivalist's To-Do List

January 13

Signs You've Awakened in a Parallel Universe

January 14

Signs Your Divorce Isn't Going Well

January 16

Vanity License Plates You Wouldn't Want to be Stuck Behind in Traffic

January 17

Reasons Our Pal Dave Should Get Well Quickly

January 18

Nudist Pickup Lines

January 19

Ways Hell is Better Than Your Job

January 20

Bad Merger Ideas

January 21

Signs Your Presidential Candidate Is Under-Qualified

January 24

Pickup Lines Used by Chefs

January 25

Dark Moments in Music History (Part I)

January 26

Dark Moments in Music History (Part II)

January 27

Bad Suspense Novel Metaphors or Similes

January 28

Signs Your Candidate's Platform Was Created by Crazy People

January 30

X-Rated Pokemon Names

January 31

Things Revealed by Instant Replay Review at The Super Bowl

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