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Rejected Game Show Ideas

Runner Up submissions -- Not in the Form of Something Funny

  • "Your Life's in Jeopardy" -- Still hosted by Alex Trebek, but he's got an AK, and you'd damn well better phrase your answer in the form of a question.
    (Geoff Brown, Ann Arbor, MI)

  • Family Freud
    (Martell Stroup, Boston, MA)

  • For the homeless: "Who wants to be a Hundredaire?"
    (Patrick Major, Dallas, OR)

  • Name That Fugue!
    (Ann Rosenfeld, Austin, TX)

  • Roker's Wild!
    (Jim Rosenberg, Greensboro, NC)

  • Spank It: Win fabulous prizes by reaching gratification within 3 minutes -- as host Abe Vigoda dances naked before your taped-open eyes!
    (Bill Muse, Seattle, WA)

  • The $20,000 Pyramid Scheme
    (Mark Levine, Los Angeles, CA)

  • The NatalieWood Squares: Last One to Drown Wins!
    (John Treusch, Burlington, NJ)

  • Wheel of Torture
    (Beth Black, Misawa City, Japan)

  • Where in the World is Robert Downey, Jr.?
    (Jim Rosenberg, Greensboro, NC)

  • Who Wants To Be A Legionnaire?
    (Mark Niebuhr, Minneapolis, MN)
    (Lev L. Spiro, Los Angeles, CA)
    (Ann Rosenfeld, Austin, TX)

  • Who Wants to Show the Entire Country They Don't Know What Continent Spain is In?
    (Larry G. Hollister, Concord, CA)

  • You Bet Your Wife!
    (Ken Shinodo, Bend, OR )

  • Runner Up list name
    (Dave Wesley, Pleasant Hill, CA)
    (Kris Johnson, Burbank, CA)

Rejected Game Show Ideas

Honorable Mention submissions -- "Duds for $200, Alex"

  • Betcha Can't Pierce That!
    (John Gephart IV, Harrisburg, PA)

  • CattleTales
    (Daniel Weckerly, Limerick, PA)

  • Family Food Fight
    (Sandra Hull, Arlington, VA)

  • Former President Clinton Presents... "Is It Sex?"
    (Jim Rosenberg, Greensboro, NC)

  • Guess the Garment Maker's Age! (Hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford)
    (Bruce Ansley, Baltimore, MD)

  • Plasmarama!
    (LeMel Hebert-Williams, San Francisco, CA)

  • Republican Presidential Candidate Jeopardy
    (Curt Cutting, Santa Monica, CA)

  • Six Degrees of The Guy in Your Mailroom
    (Andrew Thomas, Omaha, NE)

  • Sloppy Seconds
    (Paul Schindler, Orinda, CA)

  • Sniff John Madden!
    (Mitch Berg, Saint Paul, MN)

  • The Muskrat Love Connection
    (Laurie Northrup, Clinton, NY)

  • The Price is Right -- Now, You'd Better Not Be No Damn Cop!
    (Geoff Brown, Ann Arbor, MI)

  • What's My Gender?
    (Hank Weilevy, Fairless Hills, PA)

  • Wheel of Calculus!
    (Martell Stroup, Boston, MA)

  • Where In The World Is Jimmy Hoffa?
    (Dave Wesley, Pleasant Hill, CA)

  • Who Wants to Kill Kathie Lee?
    (Andy Wagner, Milwaukee, WI)

  • Who wants to be a Bitter, Lonely Old Man?
    (Mark Levine, Los Angeles, CA)

  • Who's Baby Is It Anyway?
    (Martell Stroup, Boston, MA)

  • Whose Hand Is It Anyway? With your hosts Paul Reubens and George Michael
    (Glenn Marcus, Washington, DC)

  • Win Ben Stein's Mommy
    (Jeffrey Anbinder, Ithaca, NY)

  • Honorable Mention list name
    (Lev L. Spiro, Los Angeles, CA)

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