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Today's Special: Figgy Pudding
December 14, 2001


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Senator Strom Thurmond celebrated his 99th birthday
last week by telling his fellow senators, "I love all of
you men, but you women even more! I appreciate every
one of you, especially you ladies. You are good-looking."

The Top 16 Strom Thurmond Pickup Lines

    1. "Is that a banana in my pocket, or am I just happy to see you? I'd really like to know. I can't feel below my neck."

    2. "So, is it true that y'all can vote now?"

    3. "Gals like you are the reason I invented foundation garments."

    4. "You are fair of face and your manner is beguiling. Perhaps we could go a-courting, if your family will agree."

    5. "So, Miss Smith, you were a topless dancer *and* a Playboy model?"

    6. "Want a hit off this oxygen?"

    7. "Am I in heaven? 'Cause you look like an angel. No, really -- am I dead yet?"

    8. "If I said you had a nice body, would you give me one of your kidneys?"

    9. "How about dinner tonight? Pick you up at, say, four-ish?"

    10. "You make my heart skip a beat... and another... and another... uh-oh..."

    11. "I've lived through two Johnson administrations already. Care to make it three?"

    12. "Ever date anyone who's 693 in dog years?"

    13. "Baby, these sheets ain't just for wearin'."

    14. "Wanna play 'Angel of Mercy' and smother me with them pillows?"

    15. "Who's your great-great-great-granddaddy? Say it!"

      and the Number 1 Strom Thurmond Pickup Line...

    16. "I promise not to die in your mouth."

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