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Dude, you're getting a list!
December 6, 2001

The Top 15 Signs the Internet is Getting Full

    1. Instead of hearing "You've Got Mail!" when a new message comes in, you now hear a loud belch.

    2. Your new email address is 687 characters long.

    3. Your latest desktop tools for delivering urgent messages in the quickest possible timeframe? Envelopes and stamps.

    4. It is quicker to go to the friggin' 7-11 to get a paper than it is to load FoxNews.com's home page.

    5. Even with a high-speed connection, you finish before the Asia Carrera JPEG has downloaded.

    6. AOL cuts the number of CDs they send you to 30-40 per month.

    7. Earthlink politely asks whether you'd be interested in renting your extra hard drive space to them.

    8. Your buddy list has three branches of government and its own police force.

    9. Needless co-existence of separate, independent websites marykaterocks.com and ashleyrules.net.

    10. www.casino.com? Taken.
      www.onlinegambling.com? Taken.
      www.justgiveusyourcreditcardnumbersowecanscamyou.com? Taken.

    11. Poor, overloaded porn sites are often forced to put two girls in the same picture!

    12. On clear nights, you can pick up eBay on your old AM radio.

    13. New porno sites reduced to sending flashers to subscribers' homes.

    14. After consuming the last tender young dotcom, Microsoft finally leans back from the table to undo the top button on its trousers.

      and the Number 1 Sign the Internet is Getting Full...

    15. Your latest attempt to upload Pam Anderson pix to a newsgroup results in a response of "Give it a rest, dude!"

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