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December 5, 2001


Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth
of Walt Disney, founder of the Disney empire.

The Top 15 Ways to Celebrate Walt Disney's 100th Birthday

    1. Stand in lines at Disneyland until *you* turn 100.

    2. Annoy the Magic Mirror by asking "Do these pants make my butt look big?"

    3. Divert a few of those cruise missiles from Afghanistan over to "It's a Small World."

    4. Commemorative jump-from-cake/lap dance by Minnie Mouse.

    5. Give your girlfriend a ride on the ol' Matterhorn... but be sure to make her wait in line for 45 minutes first.

    6. Go to Times Square to watch Walt's frozen head drop at midnight.

    7. Put "Bedknobs & Broomsticks" in the VCR, turn sound down, crank up Dark Side of the Moon.

    8. Same as every day: Go to your favorite bar dressed as the eighth dwarf, "Horny."

    9. Just for grins, add Walt's decomposed corpse to the Haunted Mansion ride.

    10. Finally release forgotten masterpiece "101 Angry Rottweilers."

    11. Find an innocent child whose youthful imagination is undimmed by adult concerns, turn him upside down and shake all the change out of his pockets.

    12. Thrash those pasty-faced Pixar pantywaists in annual tequila slammer competition.

    13. Have a "Donald Day" and wear a sailor shirt with no pants.

    14. "Lovely party, and that ice sculpture looks EXACTLY like Walt -- OH, MY GOD!!!"

      and the Number 1 Way to Celebrate Walt Disney's 100th Birthday...

    15. Make your underpants the Happiest Place on Earth by dressing up the little Grand Marshall and having your own Pants Parade.

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