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Warning to phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine

October 29, 1999

St. Martin's Press had to pull a biography of
U.S. Presidential candidate George W. Bush off
the shelves last week when they learned that the
book's author is an ex-convict who served time in
prison for ordering the fire-bombing of his boss' car.

The Top 12 Upcoming Books from St. Martin's Press

    1. "The Yiddish Guide to Loving Your Neighbor" -- Pat Buchanan

    2. "Get Out of Your Car and Walk to Work!" -- Stephen King

    3. "Creating A Sound Future: Building a Lasting, Profitable Career in the Music Industry" -- Andrew Ridgeley

    4. "Winners Never Quite" -- Dan Quayle

    5. "Spiritual Enlightenment Through Poverty and Humility" -- L. Ron Hubbard

    6. "For Better or Worse: A Guide to Keeping Your Wedding Vows" -- Newt Gingrich

    7. "The Feminist Mystique" -- Monica Lewinsky

    8. "The Buyers' Guide to Experimental Aircraft" -- John Denver

    9. "How to Find Just about Anybody Anywhere" -- O.J. Simpson

    10. "What Up? Communicating With the Youth of Today" -- Strom Thurmond

    11. "Mind Your Own Business! A Guide for Small Business Owners" -- Linda Tripp

      and the Number 1 Upcoming Book from St. Martin's Press...

    12. "Black Like Me" -- Michael Jackson

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