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September 30, 1999

There's been an uproar recently over the Pokemon card fad --
trading cards for children, with the images of Pokemon
cartoon characters. It seems some parents think that
the cards foster a gambling habit in young children.

How can you tell if *your* kid is hooked? Take this simple test:

The Top 12 Signs Your Kid has
a Pokemon Card Gambling Problem

    1. Hocks the dog for a Pikachu and 2 Jigglypuffs.

    2. Last year's $1600 Beanie Baby collection is nowhere to be found.

    3. You find a My Little Pony head in his bed.

    4. She refers to the neighbor kids as "those dirty, Pikachu-hoarding bastards."

    5. Little Timothy now insists on being called "Montana Tim."

    6. Has taken to calling you "Daddylion" and "Mommozar."

    7. Claims her kneecaps were broken in a freak hopscotch accident.

    8. Christmas list includes Legos, in-line skates and $30,000 to pay back "Vinnie the Shark."

    9. From behind the garage, you hear: "Come on, Baby! Pikachu needs a new pair of shoes!"

    10. Pete Rose keeps calling to ask if little Johnny can come out and play.

    11. You receive a package from summer camp containing Billy's ear and a note asking for Charizard.

      and the Number 1 Sign Your Kid has a Pokemon Card Gambling Problem...

    12. She's been on the phone all morning, ranting and chain-smoking candy cigarettes.

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