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September 28, 1999

American Presidential hopeful Dan Quayle announced
yesterday that he was dropping out of the race for
the Republican nomination, citing his inability to raise
campaign money as the main factor behind his decision.

The Top 13 Things on Dan Quayle's To-Do List

    1. Sort marbles, by size and color.

    2. Finally -- travel up North to see Mexico!

    3. Cancel "Presidency for Dummies" book deal.

    4. Sue the hell out of Dairy Queen for using my initials.

    5. Wife wants a vacation -- talk to Dole about that Niagra place he's been raving about.

    6. Return to Planet Ork, make final report to Orson.

    7. Eat a big bowl of ice cream for dinner, then stay up as late as I want to!

    8. Form exploratory committee to investigate running for Queen of England.

    9. Try to snag some VIP seats to the opening ceremonies for the upcoming Olympic Games in Atlanta.

    10. Stay focused and begin work on 2002 Presidential election.

    11. Try to have the best Pokemon collection of any politician.

    12. Call George W. Bush and wish him luck; compliment him on how much younger he looks than when he was president.

      and the Number 1 Thing on Dan Quayle's To-Do List...

    13. Get out the Legos and build my own damn White House!

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