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As seen in USA Today!
September 27, 2001

The Top 12 Surprises in Enterprise, the New Star Trek Series

    1. Klingons are *major* pussies.

    2. "You're right, crewman Jeffries, somebody *should* build some access tubes around here!"

    3. As a result of some earlier 21st century joint ventures with a certain car company, this Enterprise comes equipped with dent-resistant polymer side panels.

    4. Early attempts at encrypting transmissions to the Vulcans: Pig Latin.

    5. Dilithium crystals not discovered yet, so starships get their power from hamsters hopped up on andro.

    6. It turns out the Federation was originally an Amway distributorship.

    7. Before each episode, the entertainment industry officially apologizes for being out of ideas.

    8. Lt. Kirk sporting one nasty 'fro.

    9. Prototype transporter can only beam things ten feet at a time.

    10. That "Klingons around Uranus" joke? Still funny.

    11. Enterprise's first five-year mission? Touring with the Dead, dude!

      and the Number 1 Surprise in Enterprise, the New Star Trek Series...

    12. The Vulcan Buttmeld.

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