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September 25, 2001


Due to his handling of the recent tragedy, New York City
Mayor Rudy Giuliani's stock has risen drastically, with
many New Yorkers calling for a change of law to allow
him to run for another term when his current one ends.

The Top 14 Signs New York City Has "Rudy Mania"

    1. The mobsters he sent to jail are now wearing "I [heart] Rudy" buttons on their orange jumpsuits.

    2. "I Luv New York" motto replaced with "I'm Rude for Rudy!"

    3. Classic New York obscene gesture now referred to as giving somebody "the Rudy."

    4. Democrats now willing to touch him with a ten foot pole.

    5. Unfaithful husbands now claiming that their infidelity is merely part of an effort to "be more like Rudy."

    6. Street vendors offer the mayor amazing deals on Rolex watches.

    7. Times Square hookers rename their most popular offering "The Rudy" and mark it down 50%.

    8. They add "...and may God bless Mayor Giuliani for his calm stewardship during this, our city's most desperate hour" after demanding your wallet and jewelry.

    9. He's been pegged to replace Nathan Lane in "The Producers."

    10. On MTV's "TRL," Carson Daly tells the screaming fans, "Sorry girls, he's married... AND has a girlfriend."

    11. For Rudy's appearance, David Letterman warms his studio up to a balmy fifty-*nine* degrees.

    12. Brooklyn Art Museum is doing an "Elephant Dung Rudy" exhibit.

    13. P. Diddy got his hair straightened to comb over a newly shaved bald spot.

      and the Number 1 Sign New York City Has "Rudy Mania"...

    14. Al Sharpton won't stop humping his leg.

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