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September 24, 1999

The Top 13 Pick-Up Lines Used by Prince Harry

    1. "Hi there. I know eventual-King William."

    2. "If I said you had a beautiful body -- for a commoner, of course -- would you hold it against me?"

    3. "How'd you like to be hounded by paparazzi for the next six months?"

    4. "Wanna inbreed?"

    5. "Actually, that's my *inheritance* in my pocket AND I'm happy to see you."

    6. "See 'Jar Jar' over there? That's my dad."

    7. "Technically, you'll be knighted if I touch you with my 'royal sceptre.'"

    8. "Care to come to my castle for some Bangers and Mash?"

    9. "It's not a proper curtsy unless your skirt's over your head."

    10. "As a member in good standing of the Royal Hunt Club, it's been my lifelong ambition to chivvy a little fox like you."

    11. "Before this evening's over, I'd like to pronounce you 'Duchess of Fellatia'."

    12. "Guards! Off with her blouse!"

      and the Number 1 Pick-Up Line Used by Prince Harry...

    13. "Waste my time with a pick-up line? Balderdash! Bark like a hound for me, peasant girl -- and like it!"

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