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September 2, 1999

The Top 14 New Marketing Slogans for Hell
(Part I)

    1. All the sweatin', none of the Richard Simmons.

    2. No cover charge for politicians and lawyers.

    3. Hey, it can't possibly suck worse than a life without sin.

    4. Come for the suffering, stay for our fabulous salad bar!

    5. Y666K compliant!

    6. Playboy Channel in all rooms.
      Heated lava pool.
      We'll leave the lake of fire burning for you.

    7. Just like work -- only worse!

    8. Yeah, like it's really possible to stand on a cloud.

    9. It's not the heat, it's the eternity.

    10. Radio Bolton -- All Michael, All Day, Every Day, For All Eternity

    11. Unlike Heaven, we don't care if you wear pants.

    12. Come meet your favorite Hollywood stars!

    13. (Please help get us out of here! We promise never to work in marketing again!!)

      and the Number 1 New Marketing Slogan for Hell...

    14. Did Somebody Say McDammit?

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