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August 7, 2003

The Top 15 Historical Spam Subject Lines

    1. Order Your British Redcoats Playing Cards!

    2. 90% off Printing Press Cartridges! Works on all Gutenberg Models!

    3. Earn up to 10 pence per fortnight knitting stockings at home!

    4. You'll be mutinous if you don't check out these hot Tahitian babes on Bountycam!

    5. Slice off the pounds with the Antoinette Cake Diet!

    6. Ogg, Please Read: Name-Brand Berries for Your Cave Paintings!

    7. Pleafe purchafe thefe golf ballf.

    8. Ahoy! You're PREQUALIFIED for 10 pieces of silver from Blackbeard Lending!

    9. Augmenteth Thy Codpiece!

    10. Can't start smoking? We can help!

    11. Buy Your OWN Island with NO TRINKETS DOWN!!

    12. Strumpets, Harlots and Unrepentent Slatterns Desireth 2 Meet Thou!


    14. Discount maile-order leeches delivered by plaine browne buggy to your home -- without a barber's prescription!

      and the Number 1 Historical Spam Subject Line...

    15. URGENT VIRUS ALERT! Don't Open Your City Gates for Giant Wooden Horses!

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