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July 26, 2001


According to a group of "real" British witches, there's
a glaring mistake in the upcoming "Harry Potter" movie.
Evidently, broomsticks are supposed to be ridden with
the brush part in the front, *not* in the back.

The group's leader, Kevin Carlyon, who has his own
coven, said, "It's a common mistake -- even the
sixties TV series 'Bewitched' showed broomsticks
being ridden backwards, but this is not correct."

Wonder what *other* mistakes are in that movie?

The Top 15 Other Mistakes in the Harry Potter Movie

    1. Harry is never once shown with owl poop on his shoulder.

    2. *Way* too much running-in-slow-motion by busty Elven lifeguards.

    3. What sort of wizard eats his cereal with a fork?

    4. Sure, he's a big Hollywood star and all, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was hardly the right choice for the title role.

    5. Cameo by a confetti-throwing Rip Taylor less than magical.

    6. Pranksters in post-production changed the name on the train to "Dickwarts Express."

    7. Harry makes things disappear by chucking them out the window.

    8. At one point, Harry uses an incantation that, in actuality, would cause young men to lose consciousness and awake hours later, naked and disoriented in a Motel 6... or so I've heard.

    9. No hint that young Harry will grow up to be an evil Sith lord.

    10. That's *not* a magic wand in Harry's pocket in the scene where he's called up to the blackboard.

    11. Murderous fire-breathing dragons look suspiciously like goggle-eyed Muppets.

    12. Nowhere in any actual incantation can you find the word "Nantucket."

    13. Annoying little dork is depicted as a witch, rather than a Trekkie.

    14. Every time a character is supposed to say "magic", they're actually saying "magick."

      and the Number 1 Other Mistake in the Harry Potter Movie...

    15. The mistaken impression that anyone over the age of 10 gives a rat's ass.

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