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July 25, 2001

The Top 12 Signs a Reality TV Show is Getting Desperate

    1. It's geek vs. nerd in... "Temptation Server Room."

    2. Once a month: "Menstruation Island."

    3. "Tea Time Uncensored: Who will get the last scone?"

    4. "When Staplers Jam"

    5. "The Crocodile Humper"

    6. It gets really drunk and wakes up with ugly contestants.

    7. New reward challenge: naked "Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey" using hot glue and licorice whips.

    8. All remaining players are placed in a giant mason jar and vigorously shaken.

    9. All the furniture in the house has been replaced with yaks.

    10. Crew has resorted to poking live raccoons with a stick and throwing them on the cast.

    11. Notes left behind in a Fox boardroom contain the words "infants," "wolverines," and "ratings."

      and the Number 1 Sign a Reality TV Show is Getting Desperate...

    12. "Next week, an episode you *won't* want to miss. No, really. Please don't forget to watch. PLEASE? We'll show you boobies!"

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