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July 24, 2001

The Top 15 Famous Quotes as Spoken in Bushonics

    1. "Do not go, Gentile, into that good night."

    2. "Ich bin ein Berliminable."

    3. "All's well that's an oil well."

    4. "It's time this country looked to higher ideals, like those of Aristotle and Playdoh."

    5. "Four snorts and seven beers ago..."

    6. "Study hard and someday you can work for a C student."

    7. "It's moronic in America."

    8. "I think, therefore I are."

    9. "A man is known by the companies he is kept by."

    10. "America needs to take the conserve out of conservation."

    11. "Actions speak louder than those other things that aren't actions."

    12. "Give me liberty or give me depth!"

    13. "The suck starts here."

    14. "Mr. Garba... Mr. Gorcha... Damn you, pinko, take this wall down!"

      and the Number 1 Famous Quote as Spoken in Bushonics...

    15. "The only thing we have to fear is here himself."

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  • Paul Lara, San Antonio, TX -- 12 Email
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