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July 23, 2001

The Top 13 Signs a Boy Band Member is Depressed

    1. Even though it takes an hour or more, he now insists on tuning his own guitar before each show.

    2. Deep sighs of despair during his double-spin, kick-kick, hippy-hippy-thrust dance sequence.

    3. His oldest just graduated high school.

    4. The girl he just dumped slammed the door on the way out, and that vase was Waterford crystal, thank you very much.

    5. "I got gloom! Yeah! Girl you know it! (Uh!) Wooo, melancholy!"

    6. Doesn't even try to resist being put in his carrier at night.

    7. Lately, he favors jumpsuits in dark, somber earth tones.

    8. Changes name from "A.J." to "A-Lo."

    9. Complicated dance moves and arm gestures replaced by foot shuffling and a half-heartedly extended middle finger.

    10. Refuses to subject himself to the hardball questions of Larry King.

    11. *N SHRINK

    12. Changes name of new single from "Oh, Baby Baby Baby" to "Oh, Baby Baby."

      and the Number 1 Sign a Boy Band Member is Depressed...

    13. Doesn't want to play his guitar or write music anymo-- er, never mind.

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