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March 3, 1999

NOTES: Tonight's the night! Monica Lewinksy's first big television interview, with Barbara Walters on ABC's "20/20." Of course, Top5 was wondering what surprises the First Mistress might have for us, so we got out the ol' crystal ball...

The Top 13 Revelations in Barbara Walters's Interview with Monica Lewinsky

    1. She just did it all to meet Roger Clinton.

    2. "Bill CLINTON?!? All this time, I thought they were saying Bill *CLIFTON*, this guy I met at Starbucks! Hey, everybody, never mind, okay? My bad."

    3. Deal with Ken Starr included private "oral deposition" and "lapdance for immunity."

    4. Monica admits the President's DNA was on that blue dress, but she swears the stain was already there when she borrowed the dress from Mr. Stephanopoulos.

    5. The President was really sorry there wasn't more room under his desk for snuggling.

    6. While in the throes of passion, Bill promised Monica Delaware and Rhode Island.

    7. The most powerful man on the planet is deathly afraid of teeth.

    8. She never actually wore a thong; her size 14 ass just made it look that way.

    9. It's damn near impossible to say "fellatio" without an "L" sound.

    10. There's a 200-year-old collection of Presidential chewing gum under the Oval Office desk.

    11. Pet name for the Presidential appendage: "Little Rock"

    12. Things really got confusing when the president suggested she "Take a trip to Mount Vernon."

      and the Number 1 Revelation in Barbara Walters's Interview with Monica Lewinsky...

    13. She's a vapid, brainless dullard desperate for any pitiful shred of media exposure. And we learn some things about Monica as well.

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  • Greg Sadosuk, Fairfax, VA -- 1 (9th #1) Email
  • Sam Evans, Charleston, SC -- 2 Email / Hall of Famer
  • Larry G. Hollister, Concord, CA -- 2, Honorable Mention list name Email / Website
  • Tim McKemy, Chandler, AZ -- 3 Email
  • Martell Stroup, Boston, MA -- 4, 7 Email
  • Jim Rosenberg, Greensboro, NC -- 5 Email / Website
  • Jason Anderson, Birmingham, AL -- 6, 9 Email
  • John Hering, Alexandria, VA -- 8 Email / Hall of Famer
  • Curt Cutting, Santa Monica, CA -- 10
  • Jeff Scherer, Brooklyn, NY -- 11 Email
  • Ed Smith, Chattanooga, TN -- 11
  • Wade Kwon, Birmingham, AL -- 12 Email / Website
  • Andrew Thomas, Omaha, NE -- 13
  • Doug Johnson, Santa Cruz, CA -- Topic Email / Hall of Famer
  • Dave Henry, Slidell, LA -- Banner Tag, Runner Up list name Email
  • Lev L. Spiro, Los Angeles, CA -- Banner Tag Email / Hall of Famer
  • Chris White, New York, NY -- List owner/editor Email / Hall of Famer
  • The Artist, Minneapolis, MN -- Ambience

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