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June 13, 2006


In USA Today last week, the Colorado Rockies baseball
team went public with the news that the organization
has been explicitly looking for players who have
accepted Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior.

The Top 5 Signs a Sports Team Has Been Born Again

  1. Three words: holy water boys.

  2. Pre-game warmup drills include 15 minutes of slam dunking into each other's halos.

  3. Their home stadium's beer selection: Bud, Bud Light or the Bud of Christ.

  4. With 30 seconds to go and a 10-point lead, the quarterback takes a knee -- and the center hands him a wafer.

    and the Number 1 Sign a Sports Team Has Been Born Again...

  5. "I'm going to Disneyland -- to protest until Donald Duck puts on some pants!"

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