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November 30, 2005


Microsoft's long-awaited Xbox 360 is now
in stores -- if you can find one, that is.
Supposedly, this red-hot item is going
to change the world of gaming forever.

The Top 5 Features of the Microsoft Xbox 360

    1. In "All-Star Baseball 2006," you can flag down a Cracker Jack vendor who looks just like Rafael Palmeiro to score special "power peanuts."

    2. Special "Paris Hilton Port" that can be shared by many players -- just like the *real* Paris Hilton port!

    3. Live Update feature: Every time Angelina Jolie adopts a new child, a corresponding character is added to "Tomb Raider."

    4. Online interface to Bill Gates' gardening equipment allows you to eliminate the middle man and serve him directly.

      and the Number 1 Feature of the Microsoft Xbox 360...

    5. Actually lets you watch the last nail being driven in the coffin of American education.

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