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November 16, 2005


Honda is currently testing vehicles that
talk to other cars and pass information back
and forth to sensors along the roadway.
Fine. But what if they could REALLY talk?

The Top 5 Things a Talking Car Would Say

    1. "Methane level critical. Please crack a window NOW."

    2. "Quit bitching about $3 gas, Mr. 'I can't function without my $5.95 Frappuccino.'"

    3. "Warning! Commencing Billy Joel evasion sequence!"

    4. "Reverse! Neutral! Drive! Neutral! Reverse! Now throw it into overdrive, baby! Yeah, that's right! Who's your Caddy? Who's your Caddy??!!"

      and the Number 1 Thing a Talking Car Would Say...

    5. "Special lunch date again, Mrs. Collins? I see you're not wearing any panties."

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