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November 9, 2005


The TopFive Idol contest continues!

Today's list was compiled from submissions sent in by 103
contestants who are hoping to become TopFive contributors.

The Top 5 Signs It's Opposite Day

    1. Osama bin Laden scores a double when he signs on as spokesperson for Jenny Al Mohammed Craig and sells his Skinny Arab sitcom concept to Al Jazeera television.

    2. As you're laughing your butt off watching the latest hilarious episode of Joey, a thought-provoking Mentos commercial comes on.

    3. "We picked a good day to come here -- Branson doesn't suck at all!"

    4. Britney Spears wins a Rhodes scholarship and husband Kevin Federline celebrates by taking a bath.

      and the Number 1 Sign It's Opposite Day...

    5. You're awakened in the morning by the sound of a monkey spanking your boyfriend.

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Selected from 297 submissions from 103 contributors.
Today's Top Five List authors were:

  • Gretchen Stille, Brookfield, IL -- 1 (Woohoo!)
  • Ellen Satter, Trumbull, CT -- 2
  • Donrae Moore, Sand Springs, OK -- 2
  • Brad Hamer, Austin, TX -- 3
  • Mike McClure, Clawson, MI -- 4
  • Trish Jensen, Reedsville, PA -- 5
  • Tristan Fabriani, Passaic, NJ -- Topic, Banner Tag
  • Chris White, Los Angeles, CA -- List owner/editor
  • Crosstide, Portland, OR -- Ambience   (explanation)

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