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Your Guide to the Greatest Polka Music Ever
October 21, 1996

The Top 5 Signs You've Hired the
Wrong Clown for Your Child's Party

    1. A sad clown is one thing -- a clown who spends the entire party with a gun to his temple is another thing entirely.

    2. Only balloon animals he can make are a snake and a "snake on acid."

    3. Business cards include the phrase "From the Mind of Stephen King."

    4. Price list includes "lap dance" and "around the world."

      and the Number 1 Sign You've Hired the Wrong Clown for Your Child's Party...

    5. All the balloon animals are ribbed and lubricated.

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Selected from 108 submissions by 31 contributors.
Today's Top Five List authors were:

  • Greg Pettit, Houston, TX -- 1 (2nd #1)
  • Greg Sadosuk, Fairfax, VA -- 2
  • George Olson, Colorado Springs, CO -- 3
  • Dave George, Arlington, VA -- 4
  • Caroline Gennity, Virginia Beach, VA -- 5
  • Chris White, NY, NY -- Listmeister

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